Château Maison Noble – Bordeaux superieur – Red

Having been brought up since my early age in this fascinating environment, I first decide to go into financial studies and become a chartered accountant during 10 years… But at the age of 35, passion overcomes reason and I decide, with my father’s help to buy a wine property…

To cut a long story short, this is how I discover and now run Château Maison Noble in the Bordeaux area whose delicious wine are regularly awarded medals in the most prestigious wine contests: this 30 hectares property with 20 hectares of vine has also a long and rich history and is one of the oldest vineyard in the Bordeaux region. It already appeared in the first map of France printed on king Louis the 15th’s demand in 1756 ,map of Guyenne, in the south west of France printed by Pierre de Belleyme for the king of France!

Time flies but tradition stays alive for the greatest pleasure of fine wine amateurs.

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