Domaine Terra Vecchia – White

Since the early 60s, and current rediscovered by Jean François Renucci Costa Serena of this beautiful land bordered by scrub, between sea, mountains and lake, Terra Vecchia Domain embodies the vineyard in Corsica its finest. The unique location of the near field of the marine lake of Diana that protects marine spray and extreme heat, not far from the mountains, purveyors night a delicious coolness gives birth since ancient times to a unique and favorable soil culture of the vine. A land full of history “Terra Vecchia”, literally “old land” in Corsican language, shows the location of the vineyard in an ancient area of ​​wine and agricultural activity of more than 2000 years old. These lands, perfectly preserved and of exceptional beauty, are now the vineyards of Terra Vecchia. Passion, ambition Young winemaker and passionate grower, Jean-François Renucci wants to bring a new dimension to the wine sector Corsica. Boasting a superb vineyards in the already displayed notoriety, he began passionately in a field of rehabilitation with the intention to make the Clos Poggiale, a renowned vineyard blending wine quality and wine.

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