Couly Dutheil Les Chanteaux – Chinon – White – Chenin Blanc

The Couly-Dutheil House is located in the historic and legendary vineyards of Chinon in the Loire Valley, which has always been the wine is very famous! We can discuss the estate vineyards Couly-Dutheil without naming the famous writer Rabelais, himself a native of Chinon. He was the owner of the Clos de l’Echo, one of the most recognized plots Couly-Dutheil vineyard. The winery, founded in 1921 by Baptiste Dutheil, was developed by his son-René Couly. Today is Arnaud Couly who took over the reins of the illustrious family octogenarian field. It gives wines Couly-Dutheil a pure and delicate style, favoring the most authentic expression possible Cabernet Franc, which is their favorite varietal. Protecting their incredible lands through rational control and respect for the environment is central to the vision of the field Couly-Dutheil. They work on three great terroirs: the plain with gravel for light and fruity wines, argilosiliceux slopes and plateaus for fine and subtle wines and finally argilocalcaires slopes that give the wines for aging. The Revue du Vin de France, moreover, describes their cuvées “sincere wines” guarding “the purity of the original.”

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